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2021 Reflections

Posted on:December 31, 2021 (4 min read)

The past year

For most, the past two years have been strange. I think we’ve all encountered unexpected challenges: personal, professional, & social.

Global events have brought about shifts in how we work and communicate. For many, this has resulted in more time alone with our thoughts. This is not an easy thing to face. Many, myself included, thought 2021 might be a return to normalcy. This was far from the truth.

A first reaction to this new reality was to drown out my own thoughts: keep myself distracted with external stimuli, whether good (hiking, biking, exercising) or bad (Netflix, social media).

I’ve found this to be wholly unsatisfying. The concept of avoiding the truth frightens me. I think this year was a chance to rediscover who I am. Confronting my feelings and resolving that uneasiness has been a long and painful journey, one that is not finished.

It was not comfortable or easy, but I’d like to take some time to reflect on that.

2021 Goals & Reflections

I set the following goals on December 31st, 2020:


Some of my goals were extremely broad and unquantifiable. Some were too optimistic. Some became irrelevant halfway through the year.

While I’m frustrated at my failure to accomplish these goals (and set reasonable expectations for myself), I’m taking these lessons into this year. Before I discuss 2022 goals, here are my thoughts on 2021:

What worked

What didn’t work

Lessons learned

Going forward, I will be making my own decisions. I will prioritize those things that bring me joy and emphasize relationships. Rome was not built in a day. Consistency and balance take priority over long hours and moving to stay busy.

I truly want to make a difference in this world, but I realize that takes time. It’s OK if I don’t have a plan to bring that goal into reality right now. I will continue working to find my niche and understand how I can best create value. I will continue to show up and give my best everyday.

I will continue to be grateful for this amazing life.

2022 Goals



I’m so incredibly excited for 2022. I can’t wait for all of the awesome experiences and people. I’ve been astounded at all I’ve accomplished in 2020 & 2021. I’m so stoked to see what’s around the corner.