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Conference Preview: Scale By The Bay

Posted on:October 6, 2023 (4 min read)


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I’m super stoked to share a unique, independent conference with you all AND the opportunity to attend at a heavy discount (or for free!).

This is a sponsored post, but I promise all the content within will be my honest and authentic take… Plus, who doesn’t like free stuff?! Read on to learn more about the conference: its history, talks I’m excited about, and how you can attend for free.

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Scale by the what?

Scale by the Bay might not have the notoriety of a Databricks or Snowflake Summit, but it’s cemented itself as an independent, professional platform for tech innovators.

Now, in its tenth year 🤯, the conference is bringing you premier data & cloud content with tracks on Software Engineering, Cloud Architecture, Data & AI, and Open Source Science.

One of the coolest parts? It’s in a historic venue (the Oakland Scottish Rite Center) with a ton of charisma, or rizz, as the kids say these days.

I’ll talk a bit about what has me the most excited, then we can get to the giveaway. 🤑

Speakers & Talks

There’s quite a star-studded lineup for the conference, so I highly recommend you check out the full list of speakers, but the TLDR is that Scale By the Bay will feature speakers from companies like Netflix, Disney, IBM, Databricks, and Confluent, covering topics ranging from building LLMs to data engineering best practices.

Here are a few that stand out to me:

Scaling Embeddings in Real-Time

Zander Matheson

Zander, the CEO of Bytewax (a Python-native, highly scalable, and cloud-native stream processing framework), knows a thing or two about streaming.

While generative AI is great, LLMs are only as powerful as their models, which often have to be updated or rebuilt.

In his talk, Zander will show us just how Bytewax can help to create scalable real-time embeddings, which can be used to power bespoke, generative AI pipelines in real time.

Creating Context: Loading Your Life into a Vector Database

Ben Church

Hello, World examples are great, but they’re often not that fun or personal. In this talk, Ben Church of Airbyte will walk us through how to extract personal data, transform it into embeddings, and load it into a vector database, providing an LLM with domain-specific context to power your life/business.

Apache Iceberg: Enabling an Open-lakehouse Architecture

Dipankar Mazumdar

I’ve written a bit about Delta Lake as a framework for enabling a Lakehouse Architecture, but Iceberg is a similar format that has a host of benefits.

I think it’s super important that we all keep up-to-date on the latest data tools & tech. I’m looking forward to this talk by Dipankar, a Developer Advocate at Dremio, to learn more about lakehouse architectures and how Iceberg differs from solutions like Delta.

Conference Workshop

Scale by the Bay also features a headline workshop, designed to take you from zero-to-LLM-hero

Building production-ready LLM-powered applications

Josh Tobin

Josh Tobin of Gantry & Full Stack Deep Learning will deliver the conference workshop: Building production-ready LLM-powered applications.

Josh will teach us how to build AI-powered applications from scratch, while following best practices to balance shipping quickly with building high-quality, production-ready applications your users trust.

Additionally, he’ll walk us through a structured approach to AI app development loosely based on the test-driven development methodology used in traditional software engineering.

This is one you won’t want to miss: learn from the best in AI when it’s at peak hype. 😂

Get a discount

OK, now this is the exciting part! I’m going to be giving away two free tickets and 20% discount codes. 😱

You just have to:

Every new subscriber that registers for my newsletter through the embed below will get a 20% coupon— if you really don’t like my newsletter, you can unsubscribe right away, but I promise it will be worth a read 😀

Additionally, I’ll be randomly selecting TWO folks on 10/14 for the free tickets!

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