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Overview | Matt Palmer

👋 Hey there!

I work on problems in data, developer productivity, & personal growth. I often spend time thinking about developer tools, data systems, & the future of work. Sometimes I draw flowers, other times I do stuff outside or in a gym. I also have a newsletter called CASE WHEN.

Full time gigs

👾 DevRel @ Replit
👨‍🏫 Instructor @ LinkedIn
🖋️ Author @ O’Reilly Media


🤓 Fundamentals of Data Transformation, LinkedIn
📊 Understanding ETL, O’Reilly Media & Databricks
🎻 Data Engineering Zoomcamp, DataTalksClub & Mage
🤖 Automating Data Transformation, O’Reilly Media & Coalesce


🌶️ Hot Takes on the Modern Data Stack
📊 One Chart Forward, Two Queries Back
💬 Declarative & Imperative Code for Data Engineering
🥾 Hex at AllTrails